OTR (Off The Road) TPMS represents the harshest environment for tyres and monitoring. Earthmover tyres are an expensive asset so there is a need to look after them and respond to problems quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and save the cost of a replacement tyre. Installation is quick and easy without the need to take the machine out of action for long periods of the day or remove any tyres.

Earthmover tyres on the machine fleet - OTR TPMS
OTR TPMS in the Quarry

OTR TPMS (Off-The-Road Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a crucial safety feature for heavy equipment and off-road vehicles. It helps to keep track of the air pressure and temperature of the tyres in real-time, and alert the operator if any issues arise. With OTR TPMS, operators can ensure proper tyre inflation and maintain the longevity of tyres on vehicles used in construction, mining and other off-road industries. ATLAS OTR TPMS can also help reduce downtime, minimise the risk of costly tyre failure, and increase efficiency.

OTR TPMS – Tough Machines Need Tough Solutions!

TPMS for earthmover tyres on a Rigid Dump Truck

RDT – Rigid Dump Truck

Found in the toughest extraction sites in the world. The heavy workhorse in earthmoving machinery.

Installation Instructions for RDT

Articulated Dump Truck – (ADT)

The “A” should stand for “All-rounder” – can be found in construction sites to quarries.

Installation Instructions for ADT

TPMS on Earthmover tyres on an Articulated Dump Truck
TPMs on a Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader

Constantly on the go the “Shovel” has a primary role in the maintenance of operations from stockpiling to truck loading.

Installation Instructions for “Shovel”

Bulk Tipper

The job of a tipper truck is to lift and transport loose building materials such as asphalt, construction aggregate, dirt, grain, gravel, sand, snow and wood chips in bulk efficiently around a worksite or between sites.

Can be off-road or on-road.

Benefits of Using OTR TPMS

Safety: Proper tyre inflation is critical for the safe operation of off-road vehicles, and OTR TPMS allows operators to monitor tyre pressure in real-time and address any issues before they become a safety hazard.
Longevity of Tyres: Overinflated or underinflated tyres can lead to premature wear, and OTR TPMS helps to ensure that tires are maintained at their proper inflation level, extending their lifespan.
Cost Saving: Proper tyre maintenance can save money on replacements, repair, and downtime by minimizing the risk of tire failure.
Efficiency: With OTR TPMS, operators can quickly and easily monitor tyre pressure, which can help to optimize vehicle performance, increase productivity and fuel efficiency.
Easy Monitoring: OTR TPMS uses wireless sensors that transmit data to a central monitor for easy monitoring, allowing operators to keep a constant check on tyre status and address any issues in real-time.
Easy Install: No need to take the machines out of action for several hours or remove tyres.

Case Study: OTR TPMS Leasing Model

Learn more on how GCS utilises ATLAS to provide excellent tyre support for its customers.

“Over 70% of OTR tyre interventions by the company’s service team were due to the ATLAS/GCS technology” Jerome Mure GCS Director

Underground Mining

ATLAS has WiFi capability to transmit TPMS data over a local network. This can be particularly important on underground and tunnelling projects.

ATEX sensors available on request: Contact Tough Tech

TPMS in the Quarry – Fleet Management for Earthmover Tyres

Manage the whole OTR fleet of machines and tyres utilising ATLAS and see tyre pressures on every tyre on every vehicle; no matter what brand or machine manufacturer. ALL key personnel can receive immediate alerts via email or SMS when tyres are under or over inflated. Taking instant action on any problem alert received can help maintain the operating life of the tyres. Prevent the reduction of the life or your expensive assets!

OTR TPMS: Map of vehicles in the quarry
Location of vehicles in the quarry

Journey Health

Tracking and TPMS

Tracking OTR TPMS throughout the journey shows a detailed view of tyre pressures and location around the quarry.

TPMS around a Quarry

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Easy Installation

ATLAS - Easy to install of OTR TPMS, easy to set-up, easy to use

TPMS with the ATLAS system can be installed on earthmover machines in several minutes without the need to remove a tyre, which can be a real advantage in OTR. No need to take the machine out of action for hours at a time when it can be earning revenue in the quarry. This makes for an easy after market decision when compared to an in-tyre fitment, especially for earthmover tyres.

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…

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