TPMS for OEM fitment could not be any easier and flexible than installing ATLAS at the factory. It comes with a multitude of interfaces to enable easy connection to monitor all electronic sensors within the machine. With TPMS at the heart of the solution ATLAS is a data concentrator that also includes many other telematics functions and interfaces in one unit .

TPMS for Original Equipment Manufacturers
Integration of many telematics features including TPMS into any OEM machine or vehicle

Easy Installation of TPMS for OEM

ATLAS Hardware

4G/2G telematics data concentrator with GPS and multiple ports and sensor inputs that can be customised for any sensor within a machine or vehicle

Battery backed for operation when the vehicle (e.g. trailer) is unpowered

Rich Variety of Interfaces/Sensors

Including: 433MHz RF, serial ports (x2), Bluetooth, 1 wire, CANbus (x2), digital I/O, accelerometer

TPMS Sensors

Simply screw TPMS sensors to the tyre valve. Sensors available for standard and industrial valve. Internal sensors available for a factory fit.

Fleet Management

Manage the whole fleet of machines utilising ATLAS and see tyre pressures on every tyre on every vehicle; no matter what brand or machine manufacturer. Receive immediate alerts via email or SMS and take immediate action when tyres are under or over inflated, a problem that would reduce the life or your expensive assets!

Dashboard for all alerts

Dashboard showing by-exception alerts.

Tyre Data

Tyre data in graphical or tabular form.

Reporting Estate and TPMS data for OEM customers

Report over the estate of TPMS regularly via email

Monitor Engine Characteristics

Dual J1939 CAN interfaces allow TPMS to be made available to any internal cab screen or any CANbus data to be collected and reported back to the ATLAS Insight web application.

TPMS for OEM: Custom & Branded Options

ATLAS is a very flexible fleet application with a variety of sensors and sensor inputs/outputs available. It lends itself to a vast range of functions required from a vehicle but can be easily customised to monitor unique electronics that are installed. OEM integration can therefore monitor every aspect of a vehicle or machine and provide a platform for superior customer service. A branded ATLAS system is an option and could save months of time and R&D budget!

Branding Option

Contact Tough Tech to discuss how you could have a fully branded TPMS System (Hardware, Web Application & Mobile App) in less than 3 months.

Easy Installation of TPMS for OEM

ATLAS system can be installed in several minutes without the need to remove a tyre, which can be a real advantage. No need to take the machine out of action for hours at a time when it can be earning revenue. This makes for an easy after market decision when compared to an in-tyre fitment for the OEM’s customers’; something to bear in mind when your customers wish to adopt ATLAS across their existing estate of mixed machines and vehicles i.e. easy to retrofit any existing fleet vehicles. One system to manage all machinesOTR and Commercial Vehicles!

Addition of the ATLAS Mobile App provides an easy to use set-up and diagnostics tool.

Advantages adding TPMS for OEM

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…