Adding TPMS to a Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crane (RTG) without the need to remove the tyre and take the machine out of service for hours. The ATLAS connected TPMS solution gives the fleet or site manager a view on the tyre performance of the whole fleet and with the addition of an ATLAS in-cab receiver allows the driver/operator to see instant tyre alerts.

ATLAS can track machines and vehicles all around the port.

TPMS on an RTG

After Market – The Whole Fleet

Why not fit TPMS to the whole fleet? It takes less than an hour to fit an ATLAS TPMS system without the need or cost of taking the machine out of action for hours. The benefits of TPMS significant savings in running costs.

Even the Most Challenging of Installations

Monitoring RTG tyres can be challenging; ATLAS TPMS has been proven to provide reliable and prompt feedback to ensure rapid action to protect a valuable asset and ensure the safety of personnel.

Fleet TPMS on a Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crane (RTG)

ATLAS allows a fleet or site manager to manage the tyre performance of the whole port fleet via the ATLAS Insight web application.

Connected TPMS on an RTG

The following components would be required for an installation:

Part NumberDescription
ATLASFleet Gateway (ATLAS)
ATL2-222PRATLAS Power Lead
ATL2-333ANCellular and GPS antennas
ATL2-850KRF Antenna (to receive pressure readings from sensors)
ATL2-PGTEHLIndustrial TPMS Sensors (mounted on the valve)
ATL2-PGBBBattery Powered Signal Boost to improve RF Signal
Components for a connected TPMS solution

ATL2-920 T-Valve

Recommended for installation with ATL2-PGTEHL Industrial Large Bore Sensors

  • The T-valves are suitable for use on all large bore (Earthmover), metal valves and standard metal commercial valves (Truck).
  • The T- valve simply screws over the existing valve and forms an airtight seal. 
  • It works by allowing the pressure to be constantly monitored by the sensor (no need to draw the air and risk sealant blocking the valve) and allow any pressure adjustments to be made by the technician forcing air down the valve chamber. 
  • The sensor can sit permanently in the required position and regular inflations carried out via the other valve outlet.  It’s a simple and an easy fit to undertake. The benefit being you never have to touch the sensor!
  • T-valve is a low cost solution.
  • Re-useable following tyre & valve change.
  • Comes with two large bore metal caps.
  • Reduce the need for pressure inspection.
  • PPP…..Proactively Preventing Problems
Installation of ATLAS is straight forward… …..find out more

Alert Notifications

Email and Mobile App notifications whenever there is an alert generated by the ATLAS System.

TPMS on an RTG in Action

Tough Tech has experience in supporting customers through the task of adding TPMS.

Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

We have recently worked with one of our partner distributors, InStock Net of Slovenia to provide a connected ATLAS TPMS solution for RTG’s at the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal in Croatia.


Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…