TPMS Challenges in OTR – 15th March 2023

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TPMS challenges in OTR (Off The Road) are amongst the most demanding for any TPMS product. At Tough Tech we have a vast experience of working with tyres in quarries throughout the world and the requirements that need to be met to successfully deploy a reliable TPMS solution.

Today we explore those challenges and how we have developed the ATLAS system to address the needs of the OTR market.

Connected TPMS

Connected OTR TPMS allows ALL personnel associated with fleet management to safely monitor the tyres on the fleet no matter where the machine is in the world. Total tyre independence – any tyre, any vehicle or machine, any manufacturer. Easy to install, easy to set up and no need to remove tyres, keeping productivity and machines moving!

OTR TPMS Challenges: Webinar Content

Challenges in OTR

What makes OTR challenging?

Value Proposition

Benefits – What’s in it for me?

Tyre Maintenance

Getting the best from your tyres

Key Components

What is required for an OTR TPMS solution?


Simple guide for installation in several minutes

Actionable Data

Allows quick decisions to be made from data received.

Hosted by Gary Brierley

Gary is our Global Partnerships Director and has over two decades of commercial experience in the tyre market, working for Michelin Tyres plc. He has extensive and current knowledge of the global tyre market including technical applications, market segment and tyre users.

Webinar Recording: TPMS Challenges in OTR

If you didn’t have chance to view live here is the webinar below.


Introduction – 0:00
What We Do – 1:20
Challenges in OTR – 3:43
Value Proposition – What’s in it For Me? – 7:23
TPMS Challenges in OTR – 11:55
Tyre Maintenance – 19:20
Connected TPMS – 22:33
Key Components – 26:15
Installation & Independence – 31:53
Data Insight – 34:49
Conclusion – 41:14
ATLAS Website – 43:45
Questions & Answers – 44:16
Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…