Discover the ultimate solution tailored to meet all the demands of modern hauliers with ATLAS Smart Trailer, our cutting-edge telematics system. Designed to revolutionise your fleet management, ATLAS seamlessly integrates advanced features such as 24/7 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), real-time tracking, robust security measures, axle load monitoring, and innovative wheel loss functionality. What truly sets ATLAS apart is its ability to provide continuous TPMS monitoring even when the trailer is unpowered, ensuring optimal tyre performance and safety. Say goodbye to the hassle of locating stationary trailers – ATLAS offers regular TPMS checks, guaranteeing your trailer is always ready for action. With additional sensors like door opening alerts, you gain unparalleled peace of mind, safeguarding your assets against theft and enabling effortless tracking of your trailers’ movements.

What sets our TPMS apart is its unique ability to effortlessly cover any number of wheel positions and axles, offering comprehensive monitoring across your entire fleet and perfect for heavy haulage operations. Gone are the days of limited scalability; our TPMS solution ensures that every tyre is meticulously tracked, promoting optimal performance and safety standards across all your vehicles. But that’s not all – our TPMS technology offers an elegant coupling feature, allowing it to effortlessly integrate with an unlimited number of your Prime movers and trailers.

Whether you operate tri-axle configurations or fleets with multiple modular axles, ATLAS Smart Trailer has you covered 24/7, ensuring seamless and comprehensive monitoring for your entire fleet. Experience unmatched reliability and peace of mind on every journey.

What is a smart trailer? A smart trailer is simply a regular trailer with advanced digital capabilities – refrigerated, dry, or flatbed – that has been equipped with integrated IoT technology that provides details into the health and status of the trailer and its cargo.

Unpowered Trailer TPMS and Location
Monitoring trailers at all times

Unpowered Trailer

TPMS even with an unpowered trailer. Know the tyre pressures and location of a trailer when the trailer has been uncoupled and unpowered.

Trailer Security

Monitor any unauthorised movement or trailer entry – even when the trailer is unpowered.

Rich Smart Trailer Feature Set

Smart Trailer OEM Fit

The addition of a variety of sensor inputs (such as 2x CANbus, Bluetooth, Serial Ports) allows for any trailer electronics to be monitored on an ATLAS unit easily customised for OEM trailer integration. A flexible solution for any trailer.

Fleet TPMS on a Smart Trailer

ATLAS allows a fleet or site manager to manage the tyre performance of the whole fleet via the ATLAS Insight web application.

After Market – Very Simple Installation

Fitting TPMS to the whole fleet? It takes around 30 minutes to fit an ATLAS TPMS system without the need to take the vehicle out of action for hours. The benefits of TPMS will save the company thousands of pounds.

Installation of TPMS on a Trailer

The following components would be required for an installation:

Part NumberDescription
ATLASFleet Gateway (ATLAS Pegasus)
ATL2-222PRATLAS Power Lead, RS-232, CANbus (1)
ATL2-850KRF Antenna (to receive pressure readings from sensors)
ATL2-333ANCellular and GPS antennas
ATL2-PGTEHTPMS Sensors (mounted on the valve)
Components for a connected TPMS solution
Option1 - TPMS on a trailer

Option 1 Configuration

Option2 - TPMS on a Trailer

Option 2 Configuration

Installation of ATLAS is straight forward… …..find out more

Alert Notifications

Email and Mobile App notifications whenever there is an alert generated by the ATLAS System.

Drop & Hook TPMS with a Smart Trailer

Unpowered TPMS with a Smart Trailer

This configuration provides an in-cab screen receiver for the driver to see tyre pressures and temperatures alerts. Any alerts are immediately visible to the driver and fleet manager. Additional sensors on the truck are picked up as soon as the drop & hook connection is made and visible to the driver and fleet manager. A double check that the correct load is picked up!

Return on Investment

Adding ATLAS TPMS brings an ROI in less than 18 months and has savings beyond just tyres. See examples here. If you would like to investigate your ROI then fill in your details here and we will provide ROI calculations for your fleet.

Trailer Innovation: Exploring the Benefits of Smart Trailer Technology

In this webinar Gary Brierley outlines solutions for innovative smart trailer technology.

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

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