The complete ATLAS TPMS system can be fully branded in less than three months. This includes the Insight Web Application, Mobile Application and all the hardware in the utilised in the ATLAS system. It can take many man years to develop a connected TPMS solution that is scalable, reliable, easy to install and fit-for-purpose. The cost of developing a solution is extremely high, with no guarantee that the end result will deliver to yours, or your customers’ expectations. Failed systems results in lost business, probably forever!

The opportunity cost from not having a TPMS solution versus your competition can probably only be measured when its too late and business has been lost. ATLAS is an independent TPMS solution agnostic to any tyre brand or machine and available now but, at Tough Tech we recognise that our customers sometimes require prefer to utilise their own brand. An ATLAS ‘White Label” option removes the uncertainty and guarantees a reliable, working, branded TPMS solution within three months.

Connectivity means a continuous reason to engage with customers. It provides continuous insight into the state of the tyre fleet providing alerts in real-time. A branded solution ensures that YOUR brand is at the forefront of any decisions.

Branded TPMS Web Application

A branded ATLAS Insight solution includes a chosen URL and licence to maintain brand conformance. Learn more on Insight.

Branded TPMS Email Notifications

Insight provides interactive emails for any alert that the system is set up to generate and the user has subscribed to. Links to the Insight platform provide instant analysis of the problem.

Branded TPMS Mobile Application

The ATLAS TPMS provides a number functions: Installation & set-up, live view, configuration, debugging and notifications on-the-go. See here for more details.

Branded TPMS Hardware

The complete suite of hardware components can be branded, including:

In-cab Receiver

Branded sensors will only work with a branded gateway to ensure that any supply chain restrictions are maintained.

Note: MOQ’s would apply

Integration into Back Office

A branded solution can be integrated into any back office through an API to provide a seamless system solution.

Branding Option

Contact Tough Tech to discuss how you could have a fully branded TPMS System (Hardware, Web Application & Mobile App) in less than 3 months.
Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…