Tough Tech Ltd Announces Strategic Partnership with Sentinel Motion Limited

Tough Tech Ltd are excited to share the news of our newly formed strategic partnership with Sentinel Motion Limited.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance vehicle safety through the use of the Atlas Connected TPMS Technology (TPMS).

How Does the Partnership with Sentinel Motion Enhance Vehicle Safety?

Sentinel Motion Limited, a prominent advocate for our TPMS solutions, will now incorporate Atlas Connected TPMS into their “Complete Solution” framework for vehicle safety. Their commitment to integrating our technology exemplifies the shared vision of both our companies—enhancing vehicle safety at every level, tailored to individual user and vehicle needs.

Sentinel Motion Limited recognises the importance of a flexible, comprehensive approach to vehicle safety that goes beyond conventional solutions. This partnership will leverage both companies’ strengths to deliver superior, data-driven insights and solutions that ensure safer roads and more reliable vehicle performance.

What is TPMS Technology?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are crucial for maintaining optimal tyre pressure, providing early warnings to prevent severe issues like tyre blowouts or wheel detachment. At Tough Tech Ltd, we’ve elevated this technology by integrating connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring and management 24/7, even when the vehicle is switched off. Our Connected TPMS Solution, Atlas, represents a transformative approach in the industry, designed to pre-emptively address problems, thus avoiding costly on-the-road emergencies.

Contact for Further Information

Together, Tough Tech Ltd and Sentinel Motion Limited are setting new standards in vehicle safety. Join us on this journey to a safer future.

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Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…