Do you need to know when a vehicle has moved or stolen (even when your vehicle is unpowered)? ATLAS can help provide security from theft and allow fleet managers to keep track on the true whereabouts of vehicles and trailers. ATLAS has many sensor inputs and on-board sensors that can detect unauthorised movement and alert a fleet manager immediately and indeed has all the features required for Thatcham S5 accreditation. Through the ATLAS Insight platform alerts are identified on the dashboard with supportive information to allow decisions to be made, and actions to be taken. Key employees will be notified immediately via email or SMS of any important alerts.

Security - Unauthorised movement

Security – Unauthorised Movement or Entry

Want to know when your vehicle has moved or stolen and detect unauthorised access?

Especially when you have an unpowered trailer. Battery backed telematics ensures you know about it immediately.

Features for Thatcham S5 Accreditation
Know when your vehicle has moved
Movement detection even when the vehicle is unpowered.

Alerts raised and sent out immediately when raised.

Unauthorised movement outside a geo-fence
Geo-Fence around a specified boundary of movement.

View and alert when the geo-fence is broken.

Unauthorised entry and other features associated with Thatcham S5 accreditation
Door Opening with additional sensors to detect entry

Alerts raised and sent out immediately when raised

Tracking Unauthorised Movement

Utilising the user-friendly ATLAS Insight web application to identify and analyse data, in order to know when a vehicle has moved, could not be easier. A visual alert and supportive information provides an insight into a potential theft of break-in. Parameters such as geo-fence, permitted operation time and vehicle access conditions, are set up on the platform which means that they can be changed very easily. You can even track if an unauthorised unloading/loading has taken place if the axle load monitoring sub-system is added. Local authorisation can be done via the mobile app or iButton tags.

Once a security alert has been received the system will automatically continue to track the vehicle until the alert is cancelled. This will happen even if the vehicle is unpowered due to on-board battery backed technology.

Mobile Phone Security Mode

Setting Alarm

Utilising the ATLAS mobile phone app to set up “Security Mode” will ensure that a vehicle is monitored should the vehicle be moved without authorisation.

Security Hardware

ATLAS has many interfaces that allow a unit to meet the functionality of Thatcham S5 accreditation (to follow).

Thatcham S5 Requirements

Versatile Security Options

  • 24/7 Certified Monitoring Centre
  • A minimum of one means of transmission of signal
  • Battery Back Up Power Supply
  • Bi-Directional data transmission
  • Data logging
  • Driver Identification Device
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Health Check program
  • Passively Set
  • Remote set function
  • Roaming SIM
  • Vehicle motion detection

More information to follow shortly.

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