ATLAS is a unique and powerful TPMS telematics gateway that combines data collections from a multitude of sensor inputs within a vehicle. The ATLAS system has tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) at the core of the solution, and the ability for the telematics device to measure TPMS from a powered and unpowered source e.g. a trailer. The hardware is tightly coupled with a user-friendly web application (ATLAS Insight) making it very easy to identify and action problems quickly.

The hardware unit that can be the central collection for data from any machine/vehicle. A variety of sensors can be added to measure a number of different conditions e.g. refrigeration, door opening, etc. The inclusion of GPS allows the unit to be tracked and will alarm on various conditions such as geo-fence breach, movement or entry. All data collected is reported back over the Internet to the ATLAS Insight Platform.

ATLAS Pegasus Gateway

ATLAS TPMS Telematics Family

ATLAS Griffin

Designed for the toughest environments. Suitable for OTR and challenging tyre requirements

Utilising industrial large-bore ATLAS valve sensors for more demanding environments

ATLAS Pegasus

Designed for a cost effective solution to commercial vehicle requirements

Utilising commercial ATLAS valve TPMS sensors

Additional Features

ATLAS Connectivity Throughout the World

Cellular Connectivity

2G & CAT-M1 (4G/LTE)

WiFi Connectivity

Local LAN connectivity


Equivalent of 3 SIMs

A TPMS Gateway designed for world wide operation on LTE-CAT-M1 (4G), 2G networks or WiFi. Additionally ATLAS utilises multi IMSI, multi network SIM connectivity (equivalent of having three SIM’s and access to virtually every network in the world). ATLAS utilises an eSIM for additional reliability from machine vibration and secure (not susceptible to theft!) .

TPMS Telematics Gateway With Much More…..

The unit has two CANbus interfaces to allow for vehicle parameter recording or to allow collected data to be made available to the vehicle e.g. onboard screen integration. 

Additional low power and battery backed modes enable the telematics gateway to function within an unpowered vehicle such as a trailer. Profiles of usage can be set up from a web application or mobile app. The unit will be recharged once the power has been restored.

Additional serial interface(s) are provided for functionality such as Axle Load Monitoring.

Feature List

ATLAS Vision TPMS Displays

Touch Screen Display
In Cab Receiver

Branding Option

Contact Tough Tech to discuss how you could have a fully branded TPMS System (Hardware, Web Application & Mobile App) in less than 3 months.

Sensors & Accessories

Sensor Range

The ATLAS sensor range includes TPMS standard valve, industrial valve, van and internal sensors. In additions a range of wheel loss and hub temperature sensors.

ATLAS Range of Accessories

The ATLAS range of accessories includes T-valves, in-cab receiver, antennas, power cables and battery boost components.

Not Just TPMS – Telematics for Many Applications

ATLAS is a very flexible fleet application with a variety of sensors and sensor inputs/outputs available. It lends itself to a vast range of functions required from a vehicle but can be easily customised to monitor unique electronics that are installed. OEM integration can therefore monitor every aspect of a vehicle or machine and provide a platform for superior customer service. A branded ATLAS system could save months of time and expenditure!

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…