Tyre pressure monitoring is at the heart of the ATLAS system whether the vehicle is powered or unpowered, but ATLAS is much more than TPMS.



Did you know a 10% decrease in tyre pressure results in a 1% reduction in fuel efficiency.

It is important to ensure tyres are operated at the correct tyre pressures.

Safety & Efficiency Factors

Monitoring tyre pressures in real time provides the foundation for safe and efficient journeys.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring when vehicle unpowered
TPMS and tracking even when the vehicle is unpowered.

Set a schedule to get a regular TPMS readings

Axle Load Monitoring as well as Tyre pressure monitoring
Axle Load Monitoring to assist with safety and efficiency

Monitor throughout the journey for pick up/drop off

Wheel loss in addition to tyre pressure monitoring
Wheel Loss Sensors know when wheel nuts are loosening

Monitor throughout the journey – in cab and remotely

The Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring

The benefits of adding TPMS are numerous so make sure you look out for the warning signs before you waste resources!

Benefits of TPMS

User Friendly Fleet Management Application

Tyre management across the whole fleet is easy with the ATLAS Insight web management application. See alerts in real time, analyse the problem and act on the information for a swift resolution.

TPMS Installation

ATLAS - Easy to install, easy to set-up, easy to use

Easy to install & set-up

Whether you are installing in OTR machines or commercial vehicles ATLAS TPMS installation could not be easier. No need to take machines out of action for hours at a time or remove wheels from the vehicle as it should take around 30 minutes to install. TPMS sensors are mounted externally on the tyre valve and ATLAS can also be mounted externally due to the IP rated enclosure.

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…