Any tyre, any vehicle, any machine, any market, any brand. ATLAS offers TPMS for any vehicle or machine that has pneumatic tyres in any market.

Commercial vehicles or harsh Off The Road (OTR)/Port applications there is a solution available.

ATLAS offers real-time feedback on tyre status and usage and provides a foundation for a tyre management service model for a tyre manufacturer or tyre service provider.

Total Tyre Independence

Any tyre, Any Machine, Any Market
Any tyre, any machine, any manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

The flexibility of ATLAS and ability to customise for many sensors, makes the integration of TPMS at an OEM level very appealing. White labelling options for ATLAS Insight

OEM factory installation

CPK/PPK (Lease/Rental) Contracts

Connectivity forms the basis of being able to offer TPMS under a lease basis. If you can monitor your tyres in real time you have the basis of a new business model for cost per kilometre.price per kilometre (CPK/PPK) contracts.

TPMS for CPK/PPK (Lease/Rental) Contracts

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…