The benefits of TPMS go beyond the cost of tyres. Having the correct tyre pressure on your machine or vehicle can have a material impact on the bottom line.

A 10% reduction in tyre pressure has a 1% effect on fuel consumption

“It is estimated that as many as 3,600 accidents and 20 per cent of all breakdowns are directly related to flat tyres or low tyre pressure. Because of HGV’s size, they have the potential to cause even more serious incidents if the driver loses control of the vehicle.”

Highways England (2015)

This is why you have TPMS

But it’s not just about your tyres:

The Benefits of TPMS: Extended Tyre Life

Tyre last longer when the are operated at the correct tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres can be destroyed when the pressure drops too low. Early warning can save tyres.

The Benefits of TPMS: Reduced Fuel Consumption

Running a fleet with incorrect tyre pressure can increase fuel bills dramatically. A 10% reduction in tyre pressure can result in a 1% increase in fuel costs.

The Benefits of TPMS: Increased Safety

TPMS saves lives! It offers a safety net for catching tyre problems early before they blow and cause catastrophic failure.

Reduced Downtime

If your tyres are not turning, you are not earning! Tyre problems result in delays – hours of operation can be lost due a stationary vehicle. What is the cost of a missed delivery slot or stopped production (OTR)?

Better Use of Resources

Put your resources where they are needed. Makes sense, but how do you know which tyres and vehicles need attention? TPMS directs resources to vehicles that need attention and keeps a watch over the fleet.

Increased Compliance

Ensure procedures are followed – tyre pressure checks, remedial action when problems are discovered. “I’ll do it tomorrow” could cost thousands of pounds in destroyed tyres!

Reduced Maintenance

Tyre pressure checks, tyres changes, and journeys out to repair vehicles in the field are dramatically reduced when a constant 24/7 watch is maintained over the tyre fleet.

Reduced Waste – Recycle

Reduce the size of your tyre graveyard! Catching tyre problems early offers a chance that the tyre can be saved or retreaded.

Return on Investment

Adding ATLAS TPMS brings an ROI in less than 18 months and has savings beyond just tyres. See examples here. If you would like to investigate your ROI then fill in your details here and we will provide ROI calculations for your fleet.

The Benefits of TPMS – ATLAS has the Answer

ATLAS is a TPMS solution for tyre management in the fleet. It provides a solution to tyre pressure problems at the click of a button. It lets you know, in real-time, of any tyre problems in the fleet, providing detailed analysis to allow a rapid resolution.

Dashboard to identify tyre problems
ATLAS Dashboard

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…