A user friendly fleet application means that fleet managers can monitor tyre pressures from all their remote vehicles and will be immediately alerted to any potential problems. In addition to TPMS, ATLAS supports a number of additional sensors such as axle load monitoring or security sensors for movement or door opening. On board GPS provides tracking functionality to ensure you always know where your vehicles/machines are.

ATLAS is Battery backed to enable telematics with TPMS, tracking and security capability even when the vehicle is unpowered.

Pegasus - Fleet Application

The system comprises of hardware (ATLAS) in the vehicle that receives data from a number of sensors which would be collected, stored and transmitted back to the ATLAS Insight Web Application. All alerts and diagnostic data is available to be viewed on the ATLAS Mobile App.

Integration into any current back-office system via API.

TPMS Telematics Product Family

ATLAS Griffin

It’s a unique global solution for vehicles and machines often working in environments that present technical challenges to tyre users such as OTR, including the use of in tyre viscous liquids and high-level moisture content in the compressed air. Users working with a heavy haulage 17.5” tyre or 63” rigid dump truck tyres. Atlas Griffin has the ability to cope with high pressures, extreme load carrying and multiple axle positions in the most demanding of environments.

ATLAS Griffin - fleet application for OTR
Fleet Application for Commercial Vehicles

ATLAS Pegasus

Provides a cost-effective solution for fleets using standard valves and rim sizes up to and including 24 inches. Designed with the global fleet haulage market in mind, who provide short haul and long-haul logistic services. Capable of operating at lower pressures and high speeds. The Atlas Pegasus also provides fleet operators with real time wheel loss and hub temperature monitoring as well as axle weight insight throughout the vehicle journey.

Product Customisation

The ATLAS system can be easily white-labelled or customised for integration via API into a customers eco-system.

User Friendly Fleet Management System

Fleet application Dashboard
ATLAS Dashboard

It is easy to install and use and clearly shows the health of the fleet. Any alerts are clearly visible and easy to diagnose from data received from the remote vehicle/machine.

Much More Than TPMS….

ATLAS has many features beyond TPMS such as Tracking, Security, Axle Load Monitoring. Find out more….

ATLAS Features – learn more…

ATLAS is a very flexible fleet application with a variety of sensors and sensor inputs/outputs available. It lends itself to a vast range of functions required from a vehicle but can be easily customised to monitor unique electronics that are installed. OEM integration can therefore monitor every aspect of a vehicle or machine and provide a platform for superior customer service. A branded ATLAS system could save months of time and R&D pounds!

TPMS Sensors

ATLAS utilises the best tyre sensors in the business from PressurePro offering both standard and industrial bore solutions.

Axle Weight Monitoring Solution

ATLAS interfaces to the Ax-Tec Onboard product line for connected axle load monitoring (CALM) in real time.

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…

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