ROI calculation for TPMS. Return on Investment (ROI) from adding TPMS has a profound impact beyond just the tyres. Below are two examples of ROI for a haulage (HGV) vehicle with ATLAS TPMS fitted to both the tractor and trailer and one with a just an ATLAS fitted to the tractor unit.

Tractor & Trailer Connected (2 ATLAS Units)

With this configuration (i.e. an ATLAS on both the tractor and trailer) the maximum benefits of connectivity are seen.

Drop & hook with any trailer working with any tractor.

TPMS, security & tracking on the trailer – even when it has been uncoupled and is unpowered. Know exactly where the trailer is and know about any tyre problems before the trailer is attached.

ROI based on the assumptions opposite – fill in the form below if you want us to run an ROI calculation on your fleet.

ROI Input Table

TPMS ROI Calculations

ROI in Less than a Year

Based on the assumptions above the ROI for a tractor/trailer HGV would be 11 months with additional profitability over the subsequent years. Based on 10% under-inflation across the fleet.

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ROI Calculation for TPMS – Example2

Single ATLAS on Prime Mover

With this configuration (ATLAS on prime mover) all tyres will be monitored when connected. There is no ATLAS unit on the trailer and therefore it is not monitored when unpowered.

ROI assumptions based on table opposite. This model assumes average tyre under-inflation to be 5% across the estate.

ROI breakeven in month 14 (see below).

ROI Calculation for TPMS (Part 1)
TPMS ROI Calculations
ROI Calculation for TPMS (Part 2)
TPMS Calculations - Figures

Return on Investment

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