Telematics features for a number of applications are available via the versatile ATLAS fleet management solution.


Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring in real-time. Instant alerts when thresholds are crossed.

The benefits of TPMS are numerous, from better fuel efficiency to the safety of personnel. Tyre spend is in the top three items for any fleet – look after your tyres!

Battery Backed

ATLAS contains an internal Lithium Ion battery to ensure key monitoring of key components even when there is no vehicle power.

TPMS, security & Tracking in an unpowered vehicle ensures peace of mind and can lead to a more efficient fleet operation – know where your trailers are, know that before you start the days operation your tyres are already at the optimum pressure.

Axle Load Monitoring

Ensuring axle load distribution stays below the vehicle limits is a legal requirement.

Multi-drop loads, with their constantly changing weight distribution can easily catch drivers out leaving them at risk of an axle overload.

Connected axle load monitoring solves this problem, constantly recording axle and gross weights throughout the day, enabling drivers to distribute their loads safely and legally at all times.


Monitor and track vehicle location even when the vehicle is unpowered.

Journey health tracking monitors each journey for distance and time (CPK) together with a clean bill of health for monitored features such as TPMS, wheel loss and axle load.


Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being monitored for unauthorised movement. Additional sensors for door opening and geo-fence breach mean that key people are notified immediately.

Setting ATLAS into “security mode” via the mobile app will ensure the vehicle is tracked even if it is unpowered.

Helps to know when uncoupled trailers are moved!

Engine Monitoring

ATLAS has a dual CANbus J1939 capability enabling the monitoring key engine statistics. TPMS or other collected data can also be distributed onto the CANbus.

Driver Behaviour characteristics can also be monitored.

Sensor Inputs

Many sensor inputs/outputs exist on ATLAS to enable monitoring of additional sensors such as refrigeration temperature and door opening.

Flexible for custom OEM integrations.

Prevent Wheel Loss

Wheel detachment from vehicles, particularly heavy commercial vehicles, continues to be a major cause of concern for operators and is widely recognised as a global issue.

When a wheel becomes detached from a moving commercial vehicle, it has the potential to accelerate to speeds of up to 150 km/h. This has been likened by academics to a bouncing bomb, reaching a height of up to 50 metres before potentially colliding with other vehicles or road users at an equivalent force of around 10 tonnes.

Hub & Brake Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature to detect hub or brake problems.

The same wheel loss sensor also monitors heat and can quickly identify a temperature abnormality from the brakes or hub. Alerts are transmitted when the temperature exceeds 100°C – a level which can indicate maintenance issues such as sticking brakes or hub failure.

Uncoupled Monitoring

Smart Trailer Monitoring with intelligent telematics.

TPMS, Movement and Location even when uncoupled.

Elegant Drop & Hook

Not just a trailer solution ATLAS can handle true drop & hook configuration; any tractor with any trailer. TPMS and other features across both vehicles.

Know that tractor units are pulling the correct trailer!

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…

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