ATLAS TPMS Displays: Real-time TPMS Visibility for the operator/driver of the machine or vehicle is important to help prevent catastrophic tyre failure by taking immediate action on any highlighted alerts. ATLAS offers a number of alternative ways to view tyre data from Mobile App Live Feed to In-Cab Receiver to In-Cab Touch Screen Display.

TPMS Mobile Display
TPMS In-Cab Reporter
TPMS Touch Screen Display

ATLAS Touch Screen Display

TPMS Display

The ATLAS Touch Screen Display provides a visual image of the vehicle layout and tyres. A drill down on the tyres in the TPMS display provides further information to allow quick decisions to be made.

Any manual intervention from more detailed information on ATLAS Insight can be made to the driver/operator via the TPMS display.

TPMS Driver Information
Visual Display of current tyre pressures and temperatures
Alert Warning for Under Pressure, Extreme Under Pressure and Over Pressure
Audible Alert
Drill Down into tyre information and TPMS sensor information
Diagnostic feedback from TPMS installation
Configuration changes for the ATLAS Gateway e.g. 4G/2G and Shelf Mode
Synchronisation of the ATLAS Gateway (to Insight) directly from the TPMS display
ATLAS Action messages directly to the screen from ATLAS Insight or ATLAS Mobile App

ATLAS In-Cab Receiver

Low Cost TPMS Display

The ATLAS In-Cab Receiver is a low cost TPMS display that will indicate any tyre pressure and temperature alerts, as well as any potential wheel loss or hub temperature problems to the driver/operator.

A simple amber/red LED will indicate the source of the alert. Further drill down can be seen on the Mobile App or a Fleet Manager could notify the operator via the ICR ATLAS LED (showing an external, manual review has indicated a problem.

ATLAS Mobile App – Live View


The Mobile App can also be used to provide real-time feedback and analysis of tyre information with a simple connection via Bluetooth to the ATLAS Gateway.

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…