Adding TPMS to a Straddle Carrier without the need to remove the tyre and take the machine out of service for hours. There are options for a stand-alone installation with a screen in the cab for the driver/operator or a connected solution giving the fleet or site manager a view on the tyre performance and safety of the whole fleet.

ATLAS can track machines and vehicles all around the port.

After Market – The Whole Fleet

Why not fit TPMS to the whole fleet? It takes less than an hour to fit an ATLAS TPMS system without the need or cost of taking the machine out of action for hours. The benefits of TPMS significant savings in running costs.

Even the Most Challenging of Installations

Monitoring Straddle Carrier tyres can be challenging; ATLAS TPMS has been proven to provide reliable and prompt feedback to ensure rapid action to protect a valuable asset and ensure the safety of personnel.

Fleet TPMS on a Straddle Carrier

ATLAS allows a fleet or site manager to manage the tyre performance of the whole port fleet via the ATLAS Insight web application.

Connected TPMS on an Straddle Carrier

The following components would be required for an installation:

Part NumberDescription
ATLASFleet Gateway (ATLAS Griffin)
ATL-202PLATLAS Power Lead
PLS-850K x 2RF Antenna (for each arm)
PLS-851KRF Splitter for dual antennas
ATL-333ANCellular and GPS antennas
SEN-220Industrial TPMS Sensors (mounted on the valve)
Components for a connected TPMS solution
Connected installation on a Straddle Carrier

It is recommended to add T-Valves to any SEN-220 Industrial Valve installation.

Installation of ATLAS is straight forward… …..find out more

Stand-Alone TPMS on an Straddle Carrier

This configuration provides an in-cab screen/monitor for the crane operator to see tyre pressures and temperatures. Any alerts are immediately visible to the operator only.

For a connected fleet version use ATLAS

Part NumberDescription
SEN-220Industrial valve TPMS Sensor
PLS-850K x 2RF Antenna (to receive pressure readings from sensors)
PLS-851KSplitter for dual antennas
PLS-100Pulse Monitor
PLS-914MMounting kit for Pulse
PLS-200PPower cable for Pulse
Components for a stand-alone TPMS solution
Stand-Alone Install on a Straddle Carrier
Stand-alone Components for a Straddle Carrier

A number of support videos exist to help with the installation for stand-alone TPMS installations.

It is recommended to add T-Valves to any SEN-220 Industrial Valve installation.

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…