TPMS sensors are the foundation of any tyre pressure monitoring system. Offering both standard and large bore options, there is a sensor for every application that utilises pneumatic tyres. Monitor your tyres 24/7 to identify tyre performance and maximise fleet performance. A simple install on any tyre provides total tyre independence when making tyre decisions. Capitalise on the benefits of TPMS today.

Benefits of TPMS
Standard Bore TPMS Sensors

Standard Bore Sensors

SEN-200: Ideal for applications such as Commercial Vehicles

Large Bore TPMS Sensors

Large Bore Sensors

SEN-220: A more robust sensor for industrial applications such as OTR.

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Easy Installation!

ATLAS - Easy to install, easy to set-up, easy to use

No need to remove the tyre and take the machine/vehicle out of action for vital operating hours. This is particularly important in the OTR environment where several hours of downtime can be very expensive in lost operational revenue. The same can be said for commercial vehicles missing a vital delivery time slot.

SEN-920 T-Valve

Recommended for installation with SEN-220 Industrial Sensors

  • The t-valve (SEN-920) is suitable for use on all large bore (Earthmover), metal valves.
  • The t- valve simply screws over the existing valve and forms an airtight seal. 
  • It works by allowing the pressure to be constantly monitored by the sensor (no need to draw the air and risk sealant blocking the valve) and allow any pressure adjustments to be made by the technician forcing air down the valve chamber. 
  • The sensor can sit permanently in the required position and regular inflations carried out via the other valve outlet.  It’s a simple and an easy fit to undertake. The benefit being you never have to touch the sensor!
  • T-valve is a low cost solution.
  • Re-useable following tyre & valve change.
  • Reduce the need for pressure inspection.
  • PPP…..Proactively Preventing Problems

TPMS Sensors Across the Whole Fleet

Any tyre, any machine, any vehicle, any brand; total tyre independence across the whole fleet. Flexibility in TPMS can offer freedom of choice when negotiating tyre contracts. One TPMS solution for all tyres and for the management of all machines.

Total Tyre Independence
Any tyre, any vehicle any brand

TPMS Sensors – Stand-alone or Connected TPMS

TPMS sensors can be installed as part of a stand-alone system or connected as part of a fleet (ATLAS). Installed in rugged environments such as OTR or equally for commercial vehicles.

Pressure Pro - tyre independence in stand-alone

TPMS Sensors

ATLAS utilises the best tyre sensors in the business from PressurePro offering both standard and industrial bore solutions.

TPMS Gateway & Monitor

For stand alone installations or connection to an existing telematics device via RS-232 or J1939 CANbus

A number of support videos exist to help with the installation for stand-alone TPMS installations.

Not Just A Complete Connected Solution For TPMS…