PressurePro support for any TPMS installation. Use this site to identify which components are required and where to install. When you recognise the benefits of TPMS this site will help you understand the components required for the specific machine or vehicle. All available with support from Tough Tech.

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Example TPMS Installations

PressurePro installation on a Rigid Dump Truck

Example installation on an RDT (Rigid Dump Truck)

Example installation on a rigid commercial van

PressurePro installation on a Rigid Commercial Van

A number of videos are available on YouTube to help with the installation of PressurePro stand-alone TPMS components.

Check out the PressurePro YouTube site for more information.

Setting up Pulse for Drop & Hook

This video shows how to set the Pulse (PLS-100) to program a Gateway (LNK-101) or Gateway Lite (LNK-100). In order to program a Gateway operation mode needs to be changed to Drop & Hook.

Sensor Programming

When the Pulse (PLS-100) is used as a display (with no Gateway) then programming mode should be “standard”.

This video guides you through sensor set-up

Adding Vehicles

Adding vehicles to the Pulse (PLS-100)

Changing Reference Pressures

Changing reference pressures

Deleting Sensors

Deleting Sensors

Alert Notification

Notification of alerts

Logging Data

Guide on setting logging intervals and export data log to SD Flash card (XML)

Cable Install – LNK-850K

A walk through guide on installing the RF cable into a truck

Guide to LNK-202PD (Power & Data)

Powering up the Gateway & Gateway Lite and connection onto the J1939 CANbus

Dynamic Sensor Overview

Difference between dynamic sensors (SEN-200/220) and legacy (SEN-100/120)