TPMS Installation of PressurePro TPMS and ATLAS on an RTG crane.

Wow, what a spectacular view from the cab of this RTG!

RTG Install at the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

We have recently worked with one of our partner distributors, InStock Net of Slovenia to provide a connected ATLAS TPMS solution for RTG’s at the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal in Croatia. The Terminal wanted to create a safe working environment for both the RTG operators and all who work alongside these machines. An added benefit of correctly maintained tyre pressures will be a reduction in tyre spend due to extended tyre life.
As you can imagine the challenge of providing a connected TPMS solution for the RTGs was down to the scale involved, especially the distance between the cab and the tyres. The project team involved engineers from InStock Net, Adriatic Gate Container Terminal and Tough Tech who worked to design & complete the list of components required, including the use of PressurePro tyre sensors, through to bringing all the data together using the ATLAS connected TPMS solution.
Following the successful Atlas fit all the customer objectives have been met. Continual 24/7 access to good clean tyre data, allows the Terminal support staff to proactively manage the RTG tyres rather than reacting to just an in cab alert. The Terminal also benefit from the continued quality of after service delivered by InStock Net.
ATLAS connected TPMS underpins a lot of the solutions we deliver. We work with a range of global Port clients and machines, who require a reliable & simple fit TPMS solution and especially those who ask us to deliver, ‘connected solutions for the most demanding environments’.
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