For decades, tyre manufacturers and service providers have been ‘evangelical’ in their message regarding the maintenance of correct tyre pressures on commercial vehicle fleets and OTR machines. It’s a message that has been well received over that time and even those with the most basic mechanical aptitude understand the benefits it brings. Those benefits include genuine savings on fuel and tyre spend, enhanced safety and compliance, operational efficiency, environmental responsibility with less scrap and the ability to retread more casings.

The monitoring of tyre pressures has realistically been a hit and miss affair, but not anymore. All industries are being transformed by the latest technology and integrating TPMS technology will provide a quick return on investment and help influence the cost of managing critical assets and spend.

For the providers of connected TPMS technology the challenge has to be ensuring the technology is reliable, easily affordable, easy to fit, user friendly, (including drop & hook use), independent of tyre brand and vehicle, an ability to integrate other systems on one dashboard, and bring about genuine transformation to a haulage operation.

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