Tough Tech working in India – Gary Brierley.

Gary on location in India

A very happy Diwali to all my friends, colleagues and customers in India.
For over three years I travelled the length and breadth of India with my team promoting the benefits of Radial tyre technology over Bias Cross ply use.
As recently as 2006 most of the commercial vehicles in India (around 98%) still operated on Bias tube type tyres.
Throughout that time, I met with thousands of owner operators of vehicles and machines from Manali in the north to Kerala in the south. By making changes and adopting new tyre and vehicle technologies the owner operators were able to see large scale efficiencies in their operations, including fuel savings, reduced punctures, on time deliveries and a reduction in spend on tyres. It’s all part of the dramatic change that India has undergone to truly transform itself to become a modern economic superpower.
Fifteen years later and I find myself in a different ‘pioneering’ role. Demonstrating how, by utilising connected green technology such as our Atlas system for commercial, Industrial and Off road, vehicles and equipment. Operators can ‘amplify’ their best practice results and successfully manage assets and safely achieve greater cost savings on their fleet costs, radial tyres included!
During my time in India, I had the honour of captaining the Bengaluru rugby team and playing in a number of all India and international tournaments. I even managed to indulge my passion for history especially in Rajasthan and the Punjab. I would urge you to visit the country when able to do so.
Happy Diwali to all.
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